German Summer School Course!

I will be teaching this class during summer school Sommer 2020!
Sign up with your guidence counselor.  This is a mixed class for everyone who has passed German 1.  We will focus mostly on communicating in German.  Most work will be in class and the goal is to increase your level of understanding no matter where you start.  We will watch a soap opera, do clipchat, create stories together, read, play games while only speaking German and learn about some more German history.  

Deutschkenntnisse:  Using the German language
A summer long study of the language for though reading, writing, listening and speaking.  Emphasis is on communication through many different modes and a review of grammar already learned.  In addition, students will learn about the culture of Germany.  The target language will be used as much as possible.  All levels of German learners are encouraged to participate and advance their confidence and language ability together.  

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