Information Brochure
GAPP Handbook (rules and regulations)
GAPP Application
Student-Parent-Teacher Contract  
What to pack checklist

What is GAPP?
GAPP is your chance to visit Germany!

  • About 25 German students come to WUHS with their English Teachers and live in the homes of 25 Wilmot students for 3 weeks in the fall. (September/October of even years)
  • Soon after school ends in June (of odd years), those 25 WUHS students travel to Germany to live with their same partners for 3 weeks.
  • While together, students participate in field trips, go to school with their partners, and experience life and culture at home with a host family.
  • Every student will have the chance to increase their awareness of other cultures as well as stretch their German language skills.
  • $2500 for the entire exchange (Fundraising is an option)

Our next GAPP meetings:
November 2021 – Informational meeting

Remember to thank
The athletic department for allowing the Germans to go to sporting events for free.
Ms. Carlisle, Ms. Barranco and the student council for providing the Germans with free tickets to homecoming.
The office ladies for creating id cards for the Germans.
The WUHS administration and school board for supporting and allowing such a great program.

General Reminders
  Save your money! (you would probably want $500 spending money in Germany).
* Payments of $200 are due every month until $2500 is paid
(payments due: April 2022, May, June, Sept., Oct., Nov., Jan. 2023, Feb., March, April, May, June)
*  Write to your partner on a regular basis (even if they don’t write back)
*  ALWAYS remember to be at the GAPP meetings – it’s required!
*  Get your passport sooner than later. They are due at the January 2023 meeting
*  Keep your grades up!!! I’d hate to remove you because of your grades.  I check at the end of every term.