• Notebooks are important!  Make sure you are putting the proper information into your notebook.  Parents, anytime you want to know what your students is doing in class, ask to see their notebook.
  • Remember the complete homework grade is not included in the grade on Skyward. The homework grade is on the Stempelblatt, which all students have on them at all times. The homework grade will be entered when progress and term grades are due. To find out the approximate final grades average the Stempelblatt with the current grade. Each completed stamp is worth 5 points.
  • Students are allowed to retake a portion of any test.  My rule is that they must come in for extra help twice before they retake the test.  Also, the second grade counts.  The amount of time the student stays in with me to get help depends on how well they know the material.  It is not the 15 minutes like for a late assignment.  The student may come in before school, after school, during WARP or study hall.
  • Students are allowed to turn in late work.  They must get the following sheet signed by a parent and stay with me for 15 minutes before school or after school (not during study hall or WARP) and then they may earn full credit on the assignment.  Late Homework
  • Syllabus
  • Deutsche Lieder
  • Semester 1 Exams are 1/22-1/24 German 1German 2, German 3, German 4 
  • FLEX Woche January 27 – 31  FLEX Week
    Here are the project sheets: NachrichtenGibsmaskenRestaurantAdvent KalenderSt Martins DaySchultüteGerman Moviesrecipespoems, German job
  • Semester 2 Exams are June 4 & 5th for seniors and June 10-12  for everyone else. German 4German 3German 2 (Arbeitsheft page 204 #4-13),  German 2 can also study here: German 2 FlashcardsGerman 1 (also on Arbeitsheft page 223 #3-8)